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Entry #7

You're Not Alone... a Street Fighter Music Video

2012-02-20 14:58:34 by jqzjqz


I really tried to get this in on Valentine's Day, but couldn't meet the deadline...

8 days later... here it is

Kinda different from my other stuff, but still with a fight scene. Enjoy!

Update on Ibuki vs Makoto 5
I just started on it. Give me at least 2 weeks. I do want to take my time on this one to use what I've learned so far and to let my creativity simmer. This should be the final installment to the Ibuki vs Makoto series.

Going back to dubstep/drum n bass for music, should run around 4 minutes long. Will use the same specifications and same sounds. That's all I have for now.


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2012-02-20 23:06:12


I've appeciated your work on that music video, Jqzjqz. Plus, you did a amazing job on uploading sprites on various "Street Fighter" characters to make your project interesting to watch. I'm sure that it will earn respect from many users who watch it. Keep up the good work!

jqzjqz responds:

Thank you, premiere! It's a lot of fun making these Street Fighter cartoons.

I'm glad that some find my work entertaining :)


2012-02-25 18:55:30

Oof.....How long have I been gone? Lol.

That was definitely a work of art, mang. Gives me moar hope for Ibuki vs Makoto 5. :D


2012-04-10 08:02:08

Oi. Bro, you there.?